Mexican… in New Zealand???

Visitors often ask us why a couple of Kiwis chose to operate a Mexican restaurant in New Zealand’s southern alps. Back in 1998 we sold our house in the city, quit our jobs (Banking and Theatre) and headed south with our 3yr old son in search of a better place to raise a child! Wanaka captivated us with it’s beauty and opportunities for a kid to run free, and a small restaurant was the perfect way to work together as a family. So perhaps it was serendipity that a little Mexican place called AmiGos should be for sale!.. I’d even worked in a little Mexican restaurant in Nelson for a while called Amigos as a teenager, (funnily enough previously owned by my Mum… but not Mexican at that point!) And here we still are, still loving it, and planning to stay for some time yet!


‘Hot Mexican, & Cool Margaritas’

We didn’t make that up, it came directly from a guest on one of our comment cards, along with some lovely comments about Nicki’s hospitality. But as soon as we read it, we knew it just ‘summed up’ what we strive for, and adopted it as

Our Guarantee to You
‘Hot Mexican’ means just that… Hot food should be served hot and fresh. (Spicy’s another issue, and we cater to all, from complete Gringos to total Chilliheads!) ‘Cool Margaritas’, likewise! None of those mass produced slushies here Amigos. Every drink is freshly made from quality ingredients, including 100% Agave Tequilas, even on the ‘house’ pours.

Simply put, if you order something, and just don’t like it, we’ll happily replace it with another dish for you. If we get it wrong, there’s no charge. We don’t claim to be perfect AmiGos, but we promise to do our best by you every time! That’s what true AmiGos do for each other.

All our meats are from soundly managed resources. Our corn chips are cooked fresh, every day, often within minutes of you ordering them, and we use 100% GM free vegetable oil for all of our kitchen needs. AmiGos rice and beans are dairy free, vegetarian and super tasty, and dairy is optional on most dishes… well all dishes, but some are better suited!

With so much corn in the menu, gluten intolerances are well catered for, though we do ask that ‘seriously coeliacs’ give us a little warning before arrival so that we can be sure to look after your special needs.

Dietary issues are usually no problem as long as you give us some warning! (At least 24 hrs prior if your health is at risk through cross contamination of gluten/soy/nuts/Shellfish etc please, as all of those items are in use in the kitchen).