Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Love Life? Love AmiGos!


Special This Week!


Three Classic AmiGos!

House, Gold & Strawberry

Margarita Cocktails…

All just $8.50 this week.

To make them yourself, you’ll need:


(or Cointreau or Triple Sec)


A word to the wise here, when buying Tequila, make sure it’s 100% Agave. If it doesn’t say so on the label, then it aint! What’s the difference? Well to be called Tequila, the spirit only has to contain 51% Tequila, and the rest can be made up with any grain alcohol… did someone say hangover?!! 100% Blue Agave Tequilas are made with only highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes, and strictly controlled.


We use El Jimador ‘Reposado’ (rested) for our standard mixes, Cuervo 1800 for our ‘Classic’.. & some very fine Aged examples for our sippers.



Per Glass:     30 mls. Tequila.

                              15 mls. Grand Marnier.

                              30 mls. Syrup*.

                              30 mls. Lime Juice.

(These last two can be adjusted depending on how sweet/tart you like your Margaritas. We add a few secret ingredients to ours as well ;~))


                             Handful of ice Cubes.


Everything into the Blender if you want it ‘Frozen’, or into a shaker for the purer ‘Margarita on the Rocks’. Pour into a chilled, salt rimmed glass and garnish with a slice of lime. Kick back and relax!

(*Syrup… boil 1 litre of water with 2 cups white sugar until reduced by 1/2. Cool Cover & Chill. Optionally add a sliced orange and 1/2 stick of cinnamon to syrup before cooking)


Wings, Free Range,

flying out the door!

Finally… Finally!! We’ve secured a supply of Free Range wings, rather than having to rely just on the ones we get from all the chooks we go through. That means we can do them as Take Outs again (~:

This week only…

Sweet / BBQ / or Deathwish Wings to Go…

$1 per Piece!!



Takeouts & Reservations Welcomed on

 03 443 7872

Open 7 days from 3.00pm

for ‘Hot Mexican & Cool Margaritas’… Guaranteed AmiGos!!!


Margaritas, & the ugly truth about Tequila.


Love is in the air… treat your Valentine.


Free Range wings, flying out the door!
You save 20% when you shop online!


Someting VERY COOL has arrived…


Opening hours are changing.


Reserve tables online!

How to Treat

your Valentine!

Reserve your table for one of these nights with our new Online Booking System, & receive a complimentary nachos to start. (Enough to go around, any size group as a starter).

Sunday 12th

Monday 13th

Tuesday 14th

of February.

Reserve now & secure your preferred time!

New Website

SAVE 20%!

is  ‘live’, and it includes an online shop with a range of sauces & snacks (so far, more is coming though!)


This week, AmiGos Gift Vouchers are on sale… you can save 20%, and avoid having to sort the bill out at the end of the night. We’ll simply load the vouchers onto your members account to use. Be quick, it’s just while we fine tune the system!

PS fingers crossed that we’ve got it sorted, but we’re only a phone call or email away if it doesn’t work properly AmiGos /~8

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